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If you've answered ' yes' to any of the above, you're exactly where you need to be. Click here for free and immediate answers to your most pressing financial questions, and read on for more on IFP's unique perspective on comprehensive planning that empowers you to finally take control and live fully, without the preoccupation of money stress. Integrated Financial Planning, P.C. seeks to unify each client's unique goals and values with their corresponding financial resources in a way that promotes sustainable goal fulfillment.

Paul Lemon's passion is to liberate people from money stress by teaching them how give their finances their attention, rather than their life energy. In addition to the comprehensive advisory services provided to his clients, Paul has written two books toward his goal of facilitating genuine financial freedom for all those willing and ready to embrace a new, functional paradigm.

Paul feels that everyone should have access to a new way with money that can finally free them to live authentically, so he offers his books and seminars for those seeking to be empowered with the tools to do it themselves.

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Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening empowers users to live free of the stress of money uncertainty by outlining a simple system for money mindfulness and creating a plan.

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Free to All Clients!

Ahoy, Money! offers financial freedom to anyone willing to honestly look at their money and their life, especially appealing to those apprehensive about their retirement.

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"Transformation isn't something you can delegate to a professional," says Paul Lemon.

Why not honor your life and your ability to grow and change by reading one of Paul's books that offer a refreshingly new paradigm with money? If not now - when?

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Paul Lemon, C.P.A, CFP® is a best-selling author, seminar facilitator, and Fee- Only Financial Advisor. Fee-Only simply means that no compensation is received from the sale of financial products, such as commissions on stock, insurance, or mutual fund sales. Paul takes the time to thoroughly review the intricacies of your financial situation before recommending products. Upon implementation of the plan, financial products are found that are both in alignment with your values and goals, and bear no commissions. This process ensures that your objectives are attained in the most cost-effective manner possible.

In addition to attending over 40 hours annually in continuing professional education classes to remain current on all issues pertinent to his clients, Paul maintains his licenses as a Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist, and Certified Financial Planner®. This background is essential in adequately addressing financial complexities that you may have, and you can rest assured that Paul is both competent and committed to maintaining the plan that's best for you.


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